Occupational Environment and Health – Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases

  1. Cause is clear
  2. Most of the causes can be quantitatively measured dose-response relationship
  3. In the same population, there are a certain number of people who are sick
  4. If the early detection and timely treatment, the prognosis is good
  5. Most occupational diseases currently have no specific treatment, and the later the treatment, the worse the curative effect.


Diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases

Diagnosis of occupational disease diagnosis must collectively by the legal diagnostic facilities

Strong scientific policy, with the vital interests of the State and about patients!

It is undertaken by the medical and health institutions approved by the health administrative department of the people’s government at or above the provincial level;

A collective diagnosis is conducted by more than three licensed physicians who have obtained occupational disease diagnosis qualifications.


Occupational disease diagnosis should integrate three factors

(1) Career history: important prerequisites

  • Work type
  • Length of service
  • Types of exposure to harmful factors
  • Time
  • Quantity
  • Contact method
  • Use of protective measures Other diseases of the same type of work
  • Exclude non-occupational contacts similar to occupational diseases

(2) Labor health survey in the production environment

  • Process flow
  • Method of operation
  • Environmental sanitation
  • Protective measures and effects, etc.
  • Level of harmful factors in the workshop

(3) Clinical manifestations and auxiliary examination results, etc.

  • Whether the symptoms and signs meet the characteristics of an occupational disease
  • Pay special attention to early typical symptoms and signs

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