Grade 6 – English Medium Online ICT Exam – Month August



#1. Which of the following is not a communication device?

#2. What device is not included in the system unit?

#3. Select the incorrect combination about storage devices.

#4. Select correct order of optical disk storage capacities given below.

#5. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding optical discs?

#6. Select the incorrect statement from the following statements

#7. Choose the wrong expression when comparing ‘intelligence’ between computer and human

#8. Choose misrepresentation of the storage capacity of a computer relative to a human

#9. Regarding consistency of human vs. computer, choose correct statement.

#10. What is the main purpose of a computer?

#11. Software is

#12. Select the incorrect combination of computer hardware.

#13. What is the incorrect statement regarding the central processing unit

#14. Consider the following devices A - mouse B - touch screen C- writable external DVD drive. Out of these devices, the ones that can be used for both input and output are

#15. Select incorrect statement regarding of bar code reader

#16. MICR means

#17. An OMR machine is used

#18. What is the correct meaning of the acronym CCTV?

#19. What is the most economical model (power saving) of computer screens / displays

#20. What is not a function of a multifunction printer?

#21. Which is not an example for an embedded system?

#22. Which is not an IT application used in a school,

#23. The most recent use of IT applications in the banking sector is,

#24. Hospital management can improve hospitality by using IT applications. Applications that can be used for this are:

#25. What are the applications of computer technology in industries?

#26. Which of the following is not yet accessible to the hospital system using computers?

#27. We discussed in class about a drone used for spraying fertilizer on farms. Choose the wrong statement in that regard.

#28. MI QiCycle is an example for embedded system. What is the application of embedded system in that smart bike?

#29. Which is not an application of IT useful during Covid outbreak?

#30. Which is not a component of embedded system in automobiles?