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A/L Physics Model Paper 2018 by Prof. Kalinga Bandara Full Paper with Answers

පේරාදෙනිය විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ භෞතික විද්‍යා අංශයේ මහාචාර්ය කාලිංග බණ්ඩාර විසින් සැකසූ උසස් පෙළ භෞතික විද්‍යාව පෙරහුරු ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍රයයි. Here is the advanced level Physics model paper created by Prof. Kalinga Bandara in 2018. Download complete paper and answers from following download link. Please share with your friends!

Ananda College-2010-Last Term-Chemistry-Grade-13

Here is the Advanced Level Chemistry paper of Ananda Vidyalaya, Colombo in 2010. Follow this link to download PDF. Share with your friends.

කොළඔ ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලයේ 2010 වර්ෂයේ වාර අවසාන රසායන විද්‍යා ප්‍ර‍ශ්න පත්‍ර‍ය පහතින් ලබාගත හැක. ඔබගේ මිතුරන් අතරේ ද හුවමාරු කරගන්න.

Ananda Vidyalaya Colombo 10 – 2008 – Grade 12 Final – Physics – MCQ

Ananda Vidyalaya is a popular school in Sri Lanka for its achievements in competitive exams of Advanced Level and Ordinary Level. Teachers of this school has been making real challenging question papers for their students to meet highly standard questions in the exams. So students are motivated to be clever and for critical thinking. This particular Physics MCQ paper of 2008 is created for Grade 12 students. Please share this source with your friends. Using these question papers for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Please ensure authors copyrights.

Classified MCQs – Chemistry – Lessons – 7-8-9

Now vamatha provides you classified version of past paper MCQs. You can select the difficult lessons that need more exercises & select past papers questions from here. This includes Chemistry Past Paper MCQs  within 1980 – 2013.

වමත දැන් ඔබගේ පසහුව සදහා වර්ගීකරණය කරන ලද බහුවරණ ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍ර ද ඇතුළත් කර ඇත. ඔබට අපහසු පාඩම් ඒකක වල පුනරීක්ෂණ කටයුතු මෙමගින් පහසුවෙන් ඉටුකරගත හැකිවනු ඇත.